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Election Day Workers Job Descriptions


Did you know that almost 10,000 workers are necessary to assist our citizens with the voting process on Election Day and Early Voting in Broward County?  Each worker is a part of our important democratic process by which we Americans select our leaders and have a voice in government. 

In order to participate as an Election Day worker, Early Voting worker, or in the Call Center, you must be a Broward County registered voter, and be able to read, write and communicate in English.  All workers are required to attend a training provided by the Supervisor of Elections office prior to the Election. 

Our ballots are currently printed in three languages: English, Spanish and Creole.  This is done in order to meet the needs of our diverse community.  We provide bilingual workers in polling places, early voting locations and in our office in order to assist voters with the voting process by providing language assistance.

The job descriptions below briefly describe our Election Day, Early Voting, and Call Center Operator positions and persons who assist us in our field operations.

Clerk – Manages the overall tasks, activities and pollworkers in the polling place.  The Clerk must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of laws, voting system operations, polling place procedures, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.  Picks up Election Day materials from a Regional Site the Friday before the Election and returns specified materials to the same location Election Night.

Assistant Clerk – Assists the Clerk and shares their duties as needed and may substitute for the Clerk if they are unable to serve.  Assist voters with executing a provisional ballot and steps in to assist co-workers as needed.

EViD Operator - Greets voters, checks ID, verifies voter information in EViD, issues changes voter addresses, and issues Voting Pass to voters.  Their duties include collecting and reviewing all EViD Voting Passes before issuing voter his/her correct paper ballot, and gives demonstrations on how to blacken oval on paper ballot. Issues voters a replacement ballot if error is made, monitors the flow of voters in the booth area directing them to an open booth in order to execute their ballot. He/ she is available in the area in order to assist voters if asked.

Voting System Technician (VST) - Sets up and monitors the voting equipment in the precinct and provides technical support for the Optical Scanner and ADA Ivotronic Terminal if needed.  Picks up Election Day materials from a Regional Site the Friday before the Election and returns specified materials to the same location Election Night.

Field Voting System Technician – Contacts VSTs for assigned region before Election Day to confirm assignments.  Conducts site visits of assigned precincts on Election Day, completes checklists, logs status calls and provides support to the VSTs throughout Election Day.  He/ she is required to return Election Day supplies to specified Regional Site location Election Night.

Early Voting Workers - Workers perform overall tasks of an early voting site for an 8 day period, beginning from the 10th to the 3rd day before the election   Sets up and breaks down the site, verifies voter’s eligibility and issues ballots to the voters.

Special Deputy – Picks up supplies at training meeting prior to Election Day.  They must become familiar with the geography of assigned precinct area.  Posts signs and/or delivers materials, supplies, etc. to assigned locations. Liaison used to carry specific messages to the Clerks in the precincts from the Supervisor of Elections.  At the end of the day they are responsible for returning materials to the Voting Equipment Center.

Call Center Operator – Provides telephone support during Early Voting, Election Day and Election Night.  May be assigned to one of the following call centers:

Voter Verification - Responds to calls from Clerks or Assistant Clerks in Early Voting locations and precincts on Election Day to determine voter eligibility

Technical Support – Trains as a Voting System Technician.  Attends an additional training session in order to provide assistance to technicians in the precincts and in the field regarding the voting equipment.

If you are interested in joining our Election Day team, you may complete an application by going to our website.  Look under the Election Day Workers Information heading on the left and select “Become an Election Day Worker”.  Complete the application and submit.  You will receive a call from a representative letting you know that we received your application and giving you further details regarding upcoming training dates.