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What is an Election Day Worker

Election Day Workers are an important component of the elections process.  Election Day Workers are the front-line representation of the Supervisor of Elections office.  Often, a voter may never see an SOE staff member, but will see Election Day Workers at their polling location on Election Day. 

Broward County Election Day Workers are highly trained individuals who are active voters, serving their community and local government proudly.  Election Day Workers interact well with the public and work well in stressful situations.  To become a Broward County Election Day Worker, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a registered voter in Broward County .
  • You must fill out an Election Day Support Workers Application.
  • You must attend a minimum of 4 hours of training.  Your stipend for working is $165 - $200 depending on the position you are assigned.

Broward County Election Day Workers are paid volunteers. Election Day Worker positions consist of:

Clerk ($220) 
The individual in charge of the precinct on Election Day.  The Friday before the Election all Clerks are required to report to their Regional Site.  They will pick up a canvas bag containing materials and documents for their assigned precinct, as well as a cell phone we provide for communication purposes to our office for voter eligibility questions.  When Election Day has ended the bag and specific supplies is to be returned back to the Regional Site.  The Voting System Technician will contact the Clerk to make arrangements with the Clerk to visit the precinct to preset it up before Election Day.

Assistant Clerk ($180) 
The role of the Assistant Clerk is to assist the Clerk in all his/her duties; take over for the Clerk in the event they cannot perform their duties; primarily Assistant Clerk's role is to assist all voters who may need to execute a Provisional Ballot.

Voting System Technician (VST) ($210) 
The VST is responsible for setting up the ADA iVotronic unit and the DS200 optical scanner.  VST will be responsible for and trained to open, troubleshoot, and close the equipment on Election Day.  They instruct the voter how to insert the ballot into the optical scanner, and assists the visually impaired voter how to insert their ballot into the optical scanner, and assist the visually impaired voter with the execution of an audio ballot.  The Friday before the Election all VSTs will be required to report to the Regional Site to pick up their materials for Election Day.  They will make contact with the clerk to set up the precinct.  Election night, specific materials must be returned by the VST back to the Regional Site. 

Field Voting System Technician ($210 + Mileage) 
The FVST attends an additional training session, where Election Day materials and supplies are distributed.  Contacts VSTs for assigned region before Election Day.  Conducts site visits of assigned precincts on Election Day, completes site checklists, logs VST status calls and provides support to VSTs throughout Election Day.  Returns materials and supplies to specified Regional Site Election Night. 

EViD Operator ($175) 
The responsibility of an EViD Operator is to check in voters with EViD unit to determine voter eligibility.  Voters provide their identification and it is swiped in the EViD.  Eligible voters are presented a pass and directed to the Ballot Inspector.  They present that pass and are issued a ballot.  Workers also greet voters; assist with directing voters through the process within the precinct.

Call Center Operator ($150)
Trained to provide telephone support on Election Day and Election Night.  There are two call Centers that are staffed to assist workers on Election Day.

Voter Verification ($150) 
Responds to calls from the Clerk in the precinct to determine voter eligibility.

Technical Support ($190) 
Required to first train as a VST and attend additional phone operation training.  Responsible for providing assistance to technicians in the precincts regarding iVotronic units and DS200 Optical Scanners.

Special Deputy ($165 + Mileage) 
Picks up supplies for Election Day at "Special Distribution and Training Meeting" prior to Election Day.  Becomes familiar with geography of assigned area.  Posts signs and/or delivers materials, supplies, etc. to assigned locations.  Follows instructions of Supervisor of Election's office throughout Election Day.  Returns assigned materials to Voting Equipment Center after polls close.

Poll Deputy ($170)
The Poll Deputy is stationed outside the entrance at each polling place and early voting locations and must be present during the times the polls are open and until the election is completed.  They are subject to all lawful commands of the clerk, they identify and maintain  the 100 foot no solicitation zone and is responsible for maintaining order at the polls or early voting location.

*Total payment next to each position includes payment for training.  Training is not paid if you do not work Election Day.

*In order to participate, you must be a registered voter in Broward County.  Each worker is required to attend a training class and meet certification requirements in order to work.  Payment is made only if you work on Election Day.