2020 Election Dates

     Presidential Preference Primary Election           March 17, 2020

                           Primary Election                            August 18, 2020

                           General Election                           November 3, 2020










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Municipal Election Information


Municipalities have governing bodies whereby the members are elected by the voters.  Each of the 31 municipalities in Broward has a Charter which stipulates the term of the office and the frequency of the elections.  Until 2004, all Broward municipalities held their elections the second Tuesday in March.  One city also requires a Primary Election and that is held the second Tuesday in February.  These are called stand-alone elections and the municipalities bear the costs for the election.

Other municipalities have now moved their elections to the General Election in even numbered years and their candidates are listed after the other non-partisan offices listed on the ballot.  Referendum questions are listed after the state and county questions.  Municipalities are permitted to move their elections by virtue of the passage of special legislation.

Early Voting – Unlike the County, Early Voting is optional for municipalities if it is a stand alone election.  Since the inception of Early Voting, no municipalities have opted to offer Early Voting.

Vote-by-Mail Ballots – As in all other elections, municipal voters have the option to vote by mail.  Requests can be made to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections’ Office in person, e-mail, phone call or in writing.

Candidate Qualifying - The criteria required for an elected office is contingent upon the requisites of the level of the office desired.  Where the candidates file their respective campaign documents and where they qualify is dependent on the level of the office.  For candidates running for Municipal offices, the qualifying officer is the Municipal Clerk.  All campaign documents are therefore filed with the Municipal Clerk.

Qualifying dates for the 2020 elections are as follows:

Election Date Election Name Qualifying Period
March 17,2020
Municipal Elections  12:00 Noon on Thursday, January 2nd , 2020 until 12:00 noon on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Note: In a year when there is a Presidential Preference Primary, the municipalities scheduled to vote in March may change their election to coincide with that election.

Campaign Financing - Any information regarding campaign contributions and expenditures will be contained within the campaign files in the office of the Municipal Clerk.  These files are open to public inspection and copies of the reports may be purchased.

Polling Places – Municipalities are responsible for securing the polling places for a stand alone election.  They use the same facilities as the Supervisor of Elections, unless the location is not available.

A two year projection of the scheduled Municipal elections follows.