2020 Election Dates

     Presidential Preference Primary Election           March 17, 2020

                           Primary Election                            August 18, 2020

                           General Election                           November 3, 2020



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Awards and Accomplishments


The Elections Center (The National Association for Election Officials), awarded the Broward County Supervisor of Elections’ Office, the 2008 Stars and Stripes Award for its outstanding partnership with the Broward County Schools. This national best practices award is one out of five awards that the local Elections’ offices from all over the United States have an annual opportunity to win. 

 For many years there has been a partnership where the Supervisor of Elections Office has worked side by side with the Broward County Schools to register thousands of high school students to vote. The Supervisor of Elections office gives training to teachers and students on how to run the registration drive. Then, the students of public, private and charter schools register other students to vote. Usually the High School Voter Registration (HSVR) drive is done every year in the Spring and also in the Fall during prominent elections.

Creative Innovations

 In Fall of 2008, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office came up with the idea of Early Voting Traffic Reports. With the help of Broward County Government, the media, organizations and the community, we were able to get the word out of the waiting times for Early Voting. The county government assisted by also allowing voters to call their 311 number and ask about Early Voting Traffic Times. Due to the calls of various reporters and election offices, the response to the idea was recognized nationally:

“ Florida has something called the "early voting wait time clock." Supervisors in Miami-Dade and Broward now list expected wait times on their Web sites. In Broward, home of the longest ballot and the most Democrats of any county in Florida , the wait was four hours at Miramar City Hall on Friday. (Florida Secretary of State) Browning wants more counties to use it. "That is an innovative idea," he said.”


Our office prides itself in an experienced and creative staff that also works hard in achieving its goals and accomplishments for the office. Here are some of the changes that our office has made from 2003 to present:

1. Created a mission statement with the assistance of all staff to visualize what our values would be for this office.

As election professionals in the Office of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, a Constitutional Office of the State of Florida, we will consistently conduct successful elections in the compliance with the law, to ensure that every eligible voter can exercise the right to vote. Therefore, we will facilitate voter education through training and strategic comprehensive planning while providing a non-partisan, stable and positive environment built upon respect, growth, creativity and freethinking.

2. Team Work: Our Directors meet weekly with the Supervisor of Elections to review each department and utilize task analysis and development in planning election responsibilities and timelines.

3. A Media/Candidate course was given a month before the General Election entitled: “Election Orientation”. It was to inform these groups and the public about repetitive concerns that we addressed and also to give the opportunity to ask specific questions in reference to the General Election. This orientation was given by Dr. Snipes and her 11 Directors.

4. Incorporates voter feedback in ongoing improvements to the voting process through focus groups and surveys.

5. Identified and increased the number of early voting sites and geographically placed them in public libraries and city halls in 17 areas throughout the county.

6. Organized a Push to Talk Phone system with all staff during the prominent elections to have on-site communication.

7. Established fiscal accountability systems and procedures resulting in balanced budgets and successful audits.

8. Developed new hire procedures including internal and external advertising, standardized interviewing process and new employee orientation.

9. Improved the process of precinct relocation and notification to voters.

10. Employs an ethnically and racially diverse office staff.

11. Implemented new and improved process of election night results reporting through the use of technology.

12. Implemented electronic filing of financial reports for all candidates.

13.  Recruited hundreds of Broward County High School students to work in the 2008 elections, creating an increased number of younger Election Day staff during elections.

14. Clerks and Assistant Clerks were in attendance at a three-hour refresher course 2 weeks before the General Election. More than 1,400 attended the course taught by Dr. Snipes and her staff.

15. Made election worker training more illustrative so that it is easier to comprehend.

16. Expanded education and outreach through community-based field activities such as festivals, parades, career days, governmental meetings, religious institutions, presentations to high schools, college audiences and job fairs.

17. Published various brochures to educate voters on the ballot and other related election procedures.

18. Improved information and services to Spanish and Creole speaking voters.

19. Formed monthly Neighborhood Partnership Meetings to identify and meet the needs of partnering organizations as they strive to increase voter education and participation in Broward County . The SOE could not be successful if it weren’t for the many partnerships we have in the community.

20. Implemented a PR Campaign based on voting with confidence.