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Quick Facts

What is

Florida’s Online Voter Registration system allows eligible Florida residents to register to vote or update an existing registration record through a secure website - The Florida Legislature required the State to create an online voter registration system for use by October 1, 2017. See Chapter 2015-36, Laws of Florida. Florida joins approximately 35 other states plus the District of Columbia in offering online voter registration as an option to their residents. offers Florida residents a secure and convenient online option to register to vote or update a voter registration record. The website is ADA compliant, includes accessibility features for persons with disabilities, and is available in English and Spanish.

Who Can Use

If you are a Florida resident and otherwise eligible, you can use to register to vote, or to update your existing voter registration record.

For more information on requirements to register to vote in Florida, please visit the Florida Department of State’s Registering to Vote or Updating Your Information webpage.

How Does Someone Use

Using RegisterToVoteFlorida.Gov is simple, quick, and easy. The website can be used in two ways:

•  To submit an online voter registration application to register to vote or to update a registration record, or
•  To prefill a voter registration application form that you can print, sign, and deliver to your county Supervisor of Elections.

The site can be accessed using standard internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. The site is compatible with mobile devices.

To get started, visit

Once on the site, simply follow the on-screen directions.