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Provisional Ballot FAQ


Why do I have to complete this form and vote provisionally?
Your eligibility must be verified.  We must verify you are a registered voter, that you are in the correct precinct according to your residential address, and your signature matches the signature on file.

What is this "Provisional Ballot Information Sheet"?

Any voter who does not present the required signature/photo ID, or a voter who insists they are registered in the precinct, and that cannot be verified, must complete this form in order to vote.

Will my ballot count?
The Supervisor of Elections will view the the information on the Provisional Ballot Voter's Certificate and determine if they are registered voter, are in the correct precinct, their signature matches the signature on file, determine that no absentee ballot was returned, or the voter has not voted early.  The Canvassing Board will accept or reject the ballot based on preponderance of the evidence.

Why do I need this stub?
The "Provisional Ballot Information Sheet" stub provides the voter with specific information on how to verify his or her ballot was counted.

How will I know if any ballot was counted?
You will be notified within 30 days of the Election, the voter will be mailed a letter from the Supervisor of Elections office to notify you whether or not your Provisional Ballot was counted, and if not, why.