2020 Election Dates

     Presidential Preference Primary Election           March 17, 2020

                           Primary Election                            August 18, 2020

                           General Election                           November 3, 2020



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Election Day Workers - FAQ



What are the steps in becoming an Election Day Worker?
You must be a U.S. citizen, and a Broward County registered voter. Complete the Election Day Worker application online and submit it.  A representative from our office will contact you regarding training and future placement. You can also contact out hotline at 954-459-9911 and complete your application over the phone.
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What are the different Election Day Worker positions?
Clerk, the individual in charge of the precinct. The Assistant Clerk may be asked to step in for the Clerk if the Clerk is unable to perform their duties; they also handle the execution of Provisional Ballots for voters that need them. The VST is responsible for the setup, opening, troubleshooting, instructing voters how to place ballots into the Optical Scanner and closing the voting equipment in the precinct. EViD operators use an EViD machine to swipe voters' ID card to determine voter eligibility. They also issue ballots and assist with directing voters into the booth area to keep traffic flow moving throughout the precinct.
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Is this a volunteer position?
Election Day Workers are paid a stipend to work on Election Day based on the position they are assigned.  Clerk ($200), Field Voting System Technician ($200 + mileage), Voting System Technician ($200), Assistant Clerk ($170), EViD Operators ($165).
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What are the hours of work?
All Election Day Workers must be at their assigned polling place at 5:30 AM on election morning. The day ends after 7:00 PM or when the last voter has left the precinct. Additional time will be required for reconciliation, equipment tear-down and clean-up.
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How will I know when and where to attend a training session?
Once we process your application, a representative from our office will contact you to schedule for training and future placement if you meet training certification requirements. 
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If I've applied previously as a Election Day Worker, should I apply again?
As long as you are an active Election Day Worker, you do not have to apply again. If you have worked the polls on Election Day in the past, your record will remain active. If you want to make sure, you may call our office at (954) 459-9911 and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
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Will Election Day Workers be placed in the cities that they live?
Our office makes every attempt to place you within your city. You will have a better chance of being placed if you are willing to work anywhere in your city or anywhere in Broward County.
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What are the various positions available?
The "What is an Election Day Worker" section information provided on the first page of this document identifies the positions.
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