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DS200 Optical Scanner & ADA Unit - FAQ



What is a DS200 Optical Scanner Voting Machine?
It is a Digital voting machine using paper ballots. Voter blackens oval to indicate his/her choice in each race and inserts the completed ballot into the DS200 machine to cast vote.
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What happens if a DS200 does not power up as it should election morning?
Technicians are equipped with power circuit testers to verify electrical current to all outlets before plugging in units and the Techs are also trained to troubleshoot all possible power interruptions points on the system to ensure its timely setup and operation before polls open at 7A.M.
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What layers of help are available to the Voting System Technician (VST) if they need additional assistance to fix or replace the DS200 scanner throughout Election Day?
VSTs undergo extensive hands-on training and proper use of the DS200 Manual. However if additional help or parts are needed there are 80 Field Voting System Technicians (FVST). The FVST receives status reports from the VSTs as well as assist with trouble shooting via phone or in person. There is also a Technical Support Call Center that VSTs can contact, which has over 60 operators who have been trained to diagnose, trouble shoot and generate work orders if necessary to dispatch Technical Support Personnel in Trucks with spare equipment to precincts.
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If the DS200 Scanner malfunctions, do voters have to wait until a replacement unit is brought to the precinct to scan their ballots?
The DS200 is equipped with an emergency storage location where voters can place their completed ballot, which will be scanned into the DS200 at the close of polls, by the VST and the Clerk who is in charge of the precinct.
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How secure is the ballot box which contains the voter completed paper ballots?
The DS200 Scanner and Ballot box are equipped with 9 key locking devices, which securely contain the scanner and all voted ballots. In addition to the locks there are security seals which are attached prior to Election Day and at close of polls Election Night, Voters can have confidence that their ballots are counted, secure and remains confidential.
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What steps are being taken to ensure the maintenance, technological updating and overall performance of the recently purchased DS200 Scanners?
Frequent communication with the DS200 Manufacturer is maintained to: schedule preventive maintenance procedures; address any equipment operation concerns and make changes/upgrades to comply with official federal, state or local statues.
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What happens if a touch screen breaks?
The unit can be replaced within 5 minutes if there is a replacement on site. Also, there are multiple service trucks in operation on Election Day, that can promptly deliver replacement voting equipment or any other item that a precinct needs to operate successfully.
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What happens if I break the unit, or it somehow becomes inoperable?
In addition to the printed instructions that are provided for on-site election day repair, the iVotronic automatically self-diagnoses and communicates any problems. Most repairs can be easily handled over the phone. Any vote that has been cast on the unit is recoverable via redundant memory and audit trails.
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What happens if a PEB is damaged?
Nothing. Since PEB's are not terminal-specific, any backup PEB can be used to activate terminals. Thus, voting is never interrupted.
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How are ballot styles selected on Election Day?
Precinct officials, not the voter, select the proper ballot style for each voter on Election Day.
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What happens in the event of a power surge, or a power outage?
The iVotronic touch screens are protected for battery operation in case of a blackout. If the building is hit by lightning, the iVotronic is constructed with surge suppression that is identical to that used in commercial and military aircraft. There is also surge suppression used where the units are plugged into the walls.
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What happens if I press the VOTE button before going to the last page of the ballot?
NOTHING. The VOTE button will not activate until the summary screen is reached. This prevents voters from missing questions on the ballot and gives them an opportunity to review all their choices before being able to cast their ballot. (Important Note: During the voting process, the voter can move back and forth through the ballot pages as desired. The system does not force the voter to complete the entire ballot before revisions can be made).
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Can a voter cancel a vote during the selection process?
Yes. Voters can easily change their ballot selections at any time prior to pressing the VOTE button. The system does not force the voter to complete the entire ballot before revisions can be made.
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Can a voter over-vote?
No. iVotronic does not permit over voting.
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Can a voter cast a blank ballot?
Yes. However, the iVotronic will prompt the voter that a blank ballot is about to be cast and gives an option to return to the ballot questions to change the choice. If the voter chooses to cast a blank ballot, then he/she may proceed by pressing the red VOTE button again to cast the ballot.
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How is a write-in vote cast, and can it be cancelled before completing voting?
Where allowed, the word Write-in appears on the iVotronic screen in the respective office position, directly below the candidate options. Upon selecting the write-in option, an alpha-numeric screen appears allowing the voter to type in their candidate\'s name. The write-in name then appears in the office position. Any write-in name can be cancelled at any time up until voting is completed.
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Can a voter vote twice on an iVotronic?
No. After the voter has voted, the iVotronic is inoperable until the precinct official reloads that terminal with a PEB to bring up a ballot for the next voter.
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Can a precinct official close the iVotronic before the polls close?
No. The iVotronic’s real-time clock prevents closing of any iVotronic terminal before poll closing time.
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